Problem gambling awareness: Online Frauds

If you look up online casino through one of the main search engines, you will find a bedazzling list of casinos, with brightly colored sites and games to play.

Your first instinct may be to go with the most professional looking site you can find, but that’s a move based on bad logic.

These days, anyone can get a site built, and the amount of developers and designers available is growing, meaning con sites are really easy to produce.

How Do I Know Which Online kasino portal Website I Can Trust?

Do some research before anything, including reading this article! Look throughout the casino website to make sure it is legitimate. Check for basic information, and seals of approval within the market.

Don’t just take their word for it! Look towards third party sources, like:

  • Blog sites
  • Forums
  • Q and A sites

Take time out and research for information about the games, the software, the company and the history of a casino website.

Subscription Fees And Payment Charges

Each online casino will have its own subscription service charges; as well its terms on any winnings you make, and fees that may be applied if you transfer your winnings from your gaming account to your PayPal account.

Make sure, before you sign up to anything, that not only can you trust the online casino of your choice, but that it you have read and fully understood all fees and charges involved.

Choosing The Right Game And Software

  •  Make sure that your computer can run any software clients the online casino utilizes, which allows you to play.
  •  If you are asked to download anything from the online casino to begin playing, always make sure your antivirus program scans the software before installing.
  • Once you are content that the program is safe to install, do so, and monitor any changes the software makes.

Play It Safe

You’ve got this far, and everything seems to be in order. But don’t go throwing caution to the wind just yet. Start playing your online casino games, but start with limited funds. Keep a close eye on your account activity. Make sure the online gambling casino is only charging you what they said they would.

Keep an eye on your bank account and PayPal account too; if you notice any activity you are unsure of, investigate it thoroughly. If you are convinced that neither you nor any account holders can confirm that transaction as your own, report it to the account provider immediately.

It might not be the fault of the online casino; this is good practice no matter what you do online. As always, it is much better to be safe, rather than sorry.

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